Ripple 3 for 2

Provide the best promotions by creating multi-buy discounts.

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Ripple 3 for 2

Easy Multi-buy Discounts for Shopify Merchants

Learn how Ripple 3 for 2 can help you create the best promotions!

Ripple 3 for 2 allows you to build your Shopify multi-buy discounts without the need of duplicating products or variants in your store.

Create multi-buy discounts using the native Shopify functions. You will be able to target products by:

  • Collection,
  • Product Vendor, ...
  • Or just by tagging them!

Create stackable multibuy discounts targeting products by tag or collection.

You will be able to create multibuy discounts by just adding tags such as 'chairs|3for2' or 'shirts|2for1' to your products. If adding tags does not work for you, you will also be able to target products of the discount by collection, type, or vendor. Additionally, you can apply discounts to customers with certain tags. Also, exclude recurring products from your multibuy offers.

You had never been able to apply multi-buy discounts in the same order in such an easy way before!

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Here's a little summary of what Ripple 3 for 2 can do for you:

  • Create automatic stackable multibuy discounts
  • Target products by collection, vendor or type
  • Exclude recurring products and certain customers
Install in Shopify Now!

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