Ripple Notifications

Create web push notifications and customer subscriptions to product events.

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Ripple Notifications

Easy Notifications for Shopify Merchants

Learn how Ripple Notifications can help engage with your customers!

Ripple Notifications allows you to create and customise your custom web push and email notifications to keep your customers up to date with your store updates.

Sell more and sell faster by allowing your customers to subscribe to different product events. Let your customers subscribe to:

  • Back In Stock
  • Price Drop
  • Low In Stock
  • Price Change

Use web push notifications to alert your customers when visiting back in stock products they have shown interestin the past or when there are more customers viewing the same product. The notifications are fully customisable, change their look and feel to make them match your brand.

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Here's a little summary of what Ripple Notifications can do for you:

  • Web push notifications per product page or side-wide
  • Customer email subscriptions to product events
  • Fully customisable notifications
Install in Shopify Now!

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