Ripple Collections Builder

Build custom collections by most sold, most viewed, last restocked, price increased and many more.

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Ripple Collections Builder

Easy Custom Collections for Shopify Merchants

Learn how to build your custom dynamic collections

Ripple Custom Collections Builder will let you create your custom dynamic collections which will change as your store evolves. The APP detects changes in your products and keeps collections up to date. You can create all sorts of collections, see below for a full list:

  • Last created products
  • Last updated products
  • Last published products
  • Most visited products
  • Most sold products
  • Most benefit products
  • Last sold products
  • Stock ascendent products
  • Stock descendent products
  • Most rated products
  • Price increased products
  • Price decreased products
  • Randomised products
  • Top Trending Most Sold products in the last 15, 30 or 60 days
  • Top Trending Most Visited products in the last 15, 30 or 60 days
  • Top Trending Most Benefit products in the last 15, 30 or 60 days
  • Most variants available
  • Highest variants available ratio
  • Fewer variants available
  • Lowest variants available ratio
  • Advanced collections
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While creating the collection type, you will also be able to apply the following filters:

  • Multiple product tags
  • Multiple product vendors
  • Multiple product types
  • Multiple product types conatining also a tag or a vendor
  • Multiple product titles
  • Product price greater or than a certain price
  • Product price between a price range
  • Product Stock greater or lower than a certain stock
  • Product Stock between a stock range
  • Most sold & Most benefit collections can be filtered by country
  • Exclude products from the collection containing a certain tag or title

Additionaly, you will also be able to set the size of your collection. For example, you can create a TOP 10 Collection, which would contain only the 10 most sold products.

For the Most Sold and the Most Visited collections you can also show how many times a product has been sold or visited! We will save this information in the product metafields.

Collections sync

Ripple Custom Collections Builder allows you to choose how often your collections are synced:

  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Every 2 hours
  • Instantly

Advanced collections

With the advanced section you will be able to create all sorts of collections by just adding a class to your HTML markup. There are two type of advanced collections:

1. Most Shared

To create a Most Shared collection you will have to add a class to the html of the share buttons in your product page and Ripple Custom Collections Builder will record those shares and keep your collection up to date.

2. Most Custom-Event

Ripple Custom Collections Builder allows you to create a collection with any event that you can imagine, this works like the Most Shared Collections, however in this instance you can use any sort of interaction that your customers have on your product pages, for example:

  • Most liked
  • Most shared
  • Most reviewed
  • And many more!

Take advantage of your Share Buttons or your Favourite functionality by tracking all the events and build your custom collections.

Collections Sorting

You can sort your smart and manual collections. Build a collection in Shopify by applying the filters you want and then sort it using Custom Collection Builder. There are many types of sort available: Most Viewed, Most Sold and many more.

Merged Collections

You will be able to merge up to 5 collections into a single new collection.


Ripple Custom Collections Builder is really easy to use, creating collections have never been that simple. Look for the Support tab within the admin of the app to learn more about how to set up your collections.

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