Ripple Shipping Rates

Manage and customise your shipping rates to replace your old Scripts and create new rules.

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Ripple Shipping Rates

Easy Shipping Rates Manager for Shopify Merchants

Learn how Ripple Shipping Rates can help you manage your shipping rates!

Ripple Shipping Rates allows you to manage and customise your Shopify shipping rates.

Replace your old Scripts with new functions or create new rules by:

  • Postcode
  • Shipping Rate Title
  • Order Weight
  • Recurring Products
  • Customer Tags

Hide certain shipping options by order weight, full or partial postcodes. Target the shipping options you need to hide by adding a list of complete or partial postcodes as well as shipping titles.

And now, you can also filter order with or without recurring products in it or apply your rules to only customers with certain tags.

You can create as many rules as you need to tackle all possible combinations.

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Here's a little summary of what Ripple Shipping Rates can do for you:

  • Hide shipping rates by title, postcode or order weight
  • Apply rules to customers with certain tags
  • Apply rules to orders with or withou subscription products
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