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Our Shopify Apps

Shopify has been the leading e-commerce platform for many years now. From startups to well known established brands, thousands of merchants trust Shopify for its reliability, but also the extensibility that it offers.

One of the most powerful features of Shopify is the ability to integrate apps into your store and add customisations to increase customer engagement. Learn how our Shopify Apps can help your business grow!

Ripple Collections Builder

Boost your conversion by enhancing your collections

With Ripple Collections Builder you can show your products catalogues in a unique way. Among the most populars we have:

  • Last Restocked products
  • Most Sold Products
  • Merged Collections
  • And Many More!

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Ripple Notifications

Engage customers by shaping up product alerts

With Ripple Notifications you can create web push notifications and custom emails to engage with your customers. Build alerts and get to know what your customers are looking for:

  • Back in Stock
  • Price Drop
  • And Many More!

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Ripple Shipping Rates

Manage and customise your shipping rates

With Ripple Shipping Rates you can replace old Shopify Scripts with New Shopify Functions. Create many rules, by:

  • Postcode
  • Shipping Title
  • Order Weight
  • And Much More!

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Ripple Tier Discounts

Provide the best offers by creating multi-tier discounts

With Ripple Tier Discounts you can create tier discounts for Shopify for the best customer experience. And now you can also apply Multiple Discounts within the same order! Build your tiers and target products by:

  • Collection
  • Vendor
  • Product Type

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Ripple Checkout Sign Up

Enable customer account creations at checkout

With Ripple Checkout Sign Up you can let your customers sign up at checkout and send account invitation emails to boost:

  • Conversion
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • With no extra efford for you or your customers!

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Ripple 3 for 2

Create multi-buy promotions

With Ripple 3 for 2 you can create multi-buy discounts without duplicating any products or variants in your store. And now you can also apply Multiple Discounts within the same order! Build your promotions targeting products by:

  • Collection
  • Vendor
  • etc
  • Or just by tagging them!

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Our Clients Voice

Fantastic App, the support team went out of there way to help me AAA+++ service, i have over 50,000 items and can now show customers the newest restocks better than ever before, thank you so much guys.

Cascade Games
New Zeland

We have been using the app for a while now. In addition to many features, the developers also cater to special requests. In addition, Nora's support is really very reliable and she tries to find a solution for every problem. We can recommend the app without reservation.


This app solves many problems we don't even know. For stores with big inventory, it's a must. The app will help to sort and make -even impossible custom collections come true. Nora's support has been consistently great. Bravo.


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